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These kittens are not available anymore but are a good example of my kittens-healthy, happy, friendly, and playful-everything you could want in a kitten!

Current Availability (Updated 6/12/2017):   
Right now I have 2 adult boys available that were returned through no fault of their own because of their owners serious medical issues.  They will need to go to a home together since they have been together basically their whole life.  They are seal mitted and blue mitted.  These boys are both very sweet with typical Ragdoll temperaments.  And they are still pretty young-under 3 years old. 

They would be great for someone that wants a Ragdoll but doesn't want to go through the typical kitten problems.  They have perfect litter box habits and love their cat tree for scratching and hanging out.  They would also be good for someone that works full time. 

Typically I don't adopt my kittens to people that work full time unless you get two kittens so they can keep each other company.  Of course that is pretty expensive to adopt two kittens at once.  So, again, they would be a great option for someone in that situation since adult adoption fees are only about half of kitten prices.  Plus they are up to date on all their shots, etc so you wouldn't have those extra expenses like you do with kittens. 

Currently, I do not have any kittens available.  However, I am accepting deposits on my upcoming litters.  Usually, my kittens are reserved a couple of months before they are born.  I allow my new kitten adopters to choose their kittens in order based on when I received their deposit.  So, the sooner you get your deposit in, the more choices you will have when it is time to choose your kitten or the sooner a kitten will be available for you if you are looking for a specific color, pattern, or sex. 
I generally have a litter about every 6 weeks or so.  And I can produce kittens that are blue or seal in any of the three patterns-mitted, bicolor, and colorpoint.  I do not charge extra for any of the colors, patterns, or sexes.
Once I receive your deposit on a litter, I will contact you as soon as the kittens are born and send pictures of the kittens as they grow about once a week.  Then, when the kittens are about 8 weeks old and have had their first vaccines you can visit and pick out your kitten.  Or if you are too far away to visit, then you can pick your kitten via pictures/video I will send you as well as a discription of their personality.        
All pet quality kittens are $1000 which includes:
2-3 sets of shots (depending on age) 
2 vet checks
deworming (or negative test from the vet)
health certificate from vet
5 year health guarantee (much longer than most breeders give-I can do this because I make health my top priority) 
high quality kitten food  
and anything else I might throw in-I'm always looking for cute extras for the kitten baskets. 
And the kittens can usually go home around 12 weeks depending on the maturity of the kitten.  For much more info see kitten info page.


This kitten is not available but is a good example of the typical, super sweet, adorable kittens I produce.  She is a blue mitted tortie.  A tortie is basically a standard cat of whatever color (in this case blue mitted) but they will have spots and patches of orange throughout their coat.  Like all Ragdoll colors, it does take a while for their full color to come through.  In particular the orange can take a quite a while to come in.  This kitten in particular has an adorable perfect split of blue/orange on her nose which is highly prized and very rare-so far she is the only kitten I have produced marked like that.