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Here are the Queens (or Moms) of MistysRagdolls:


QGC CajunRagdolls Scarlet O Hara

This is my first top winning show kitty, Scarlet.  She is a beautiful girl and has a great pedigree.  In limited showing she was able to achieve her QGC (Quadruple Grand Champion) title.  She is also a super sweet girl with both people and other animals.  And she is great mom.  She is just all around a great representative of what a Ragdoll should be both physically and personality-wise. 



CajunRagdolls Mischievous Diva

This is Diva.  She is the blue mitted girl sleeping on the right (in the first picture).  That is a picture of her when she was a kitten with the dogs.  As a kitten she had an absolutely perfect coat.  Unfortunately once she came of age she completely lost that gorgeous kitten coat (like the unspayed girls sometimes do) so she was never able to do much in the show ring.  
But, she has a great pedigree and has been an excellent mom.  Her mother is a supreme grand champion and her father was a champion also.  Diva can trace her pedigree all the way back to Daddy Warbucks and the start of the Ragdoll breed (which believe it or not, not all Ragdolls can do).  She is also my little ambassador of the house.  She is the sweetest, most outgoing cat here.  When guests come in she is always the first to go and greet everyone.  In fact, I have to be careful that people don't step on her while they are visiting because she is always right under their feet.  


CH Rujan Raggie Angelina

This is Angie.  She is a seal colorpoint and has already had a successful show career.  She received her championship with limited showing by her previous owner who has since retired.  She is an extremely sweet girl and always begins purring just as soon as I start petting her.  She is also one of the more talkative girls that I have here.  If you didn't know better you would think she was holding a conversation with you!  For a good example of her kittens you can look at her daughter I kept (Lily) at the bottom of the page.   


MistysRagdolls Tiger Lily

This is Lily.  She is an excellent example of a blue mitted girl.  (Click on her picture above for more pictures of this absolutely gorgeous girl!)  She is the first home bred kitten that I have kept. I am extremely happy with her temperament and how sweet she is with the strangers and judges at the shows. She has also been following in her mother's footsteps and has been a great mom to her babies. 

Coming Soon:

CajunRagdolls Cha Cha
MistysRagdolls Fabians Phoenix
MistysRagdolls Celestial Hope
MistysRagdolls Bambi
CH MistysRagdolls Lakota Princess