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Introducing the Kings (or Dads) of MistysRagdolls: 



The above two pictures are of my blue color point boy, QGC (Quadruple Grand Champion) Cajun Ragdolls Prince Charming.  And boy does he live up to his name!  Prince is the sweetest cat I have ever had.  I have never had a cat that purred as much as he does.  If you just look at him he starts purring!  And he absolutely loves everyone.

Physically he is just about perfect too.  He has an amazing super soft, plush coat that is still the proper, non-matting, easy care type.  He is also absolutely huge!  At 6 months (he is 6 months in the above pictures) he was already over 10 lbs.  At 9 months he was over 14 lbs!  And he is still growing. 

Prince also has excellent type.  He has a great head, nice blue eyes, proper scoop, good ear set, excellent chin, etc.  I am hoping for great things from him as a father to my next generation of show kittens.

He did amazing in the show hall himself.  Prince earned his Quadruple Grand Championship within just about 4 months of limited showing by the time he was 1 year old (which is absolutely unheard of for a colorpoint!).  He even got a best cat in show at one show!

As if all that weren't enough, Prince also has an amazing pedigree.  His father is RW (Regional Winner) SGC (Supreme Grand Champion) Cajunragdolls Chief Standing Bear.  Bear should finish this show season (2015-2016) as one of the top 5 Ragdolls in the World!

Prince's mother also comes from an amazing line.  His mother is Champion Calirags Crème De Cacao.  She is a full sister to the world famous International Winner Supreme Grand Champion Calirags Blue Jean of Cajun Ragdolls.  Blue Jean was the #1 Ragdoll Internationally (in the World!) during the 2011-2012 show season.  She is also currently working towards becoming the first Ragdoll female to obtain a lifetime achievement award in TICA.

Thanks so much to Anne Paul of CajunRagdolls for letting me have this amazing boy!