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Here is a cute video of my roommate playing with a 4 week old litter-they are so cute at that age!


Kitten Info:

PAYPAL:  Pet Quality Deposit-$200 deposit plus $6 paypal fee.


Only use this button to pay your deposit if we have already talked and I have agreed to let you adopt one of my kittens.  I do not allow just anyone with the money to adopt.  I must speak with you first and make sure you and your home would be a good match for one of my kittens.


Update 10/28/2021
I currently have a 6 month waiting list. However, I do have a blue mitted kitten available out of a litter born in May. If you are interested in a kitten please send me an email and tell me a little about yourself, your family, and your home. Also, if you have emailed recently and not heard back from me, please send me a text to let me know that you emailed. I seem to be missing some emails lately. My cell phone is 352-406-9431..

Please see "Available" page for current availability.

I typically do not have any kittens available. However, I am accepting reservations on future litters.  Usually I have a pretty long waiting list and my kittens are reserved  before they are even born.  So, if you want to be guaranteed a certain color or sex you would need to contact me and get your deposit in as soon as possible for the best chance of getting exactly what you want with as short a wait as possible. 


I typically have a litter about every 6 weeks.  I allow new parents to choose their kittens in order of deposit so the sooner you get your deposit in, the more choices you will have when it comes time to pick your kitten.  See "Available Kittens" page for current availability details.


Price: Pet quality kittens are $2000 for any color or pattern and they come with all the extras mentioned below.  I do not charge extra for either sex or for the more rare colors.  Show quality kittens with showing rights are $2500 and breeding quality kittens vary depending on type, markings, etc but are usually around $3000+.  When I have retired breeders or other adults available they are usually around $500-1200 depending on age but may be negotiable to the perfect home. 


Reserving a kitten: If you are interested in a kitten please email and tell me a little about yourself and your family/home/other pets/etc.  I will let you know if I currently have any kittens available or, if not, who is expecting and when.  When kittens are born I will usually contact everyone on my waiting list (with paid deposits) and offer the kittens to them first.  If any kittens are left then I will add them to my web site as available (this is rare though).  Lately all of my kittens are usually reserved before they are even born much less by the time they are 10-12 weeks old when I would list them as available on this site. 


Particularly if you are interested in a very specific color/sex/pattern you will probably need to put down a deposit before the litter is even born to assure you get the color/sex/pattern you want.  You can expect this from most reputable ragdoll breeders.  However, you do need to be sure before you send in a deposit because they are nonrefundable.  But, deposits are always transferable to another litter if, for example, the quality (show/breeding/pet), sex, pattern, or color you are looking for is not available or if something just came up in your life and you can't get the kitten at that time.  But, I do require that you let me know at least 4 weeks before you are scheduled to pick up your kitten so I can find the kitten a new home by the time he or she is ready to go. 


Included: My kittens come with much more than most breeders provide.  I spend more money on all the extras for your kitten because I want to get them off to the best start possible in your home.  I include:

  • Two or three sets of kitten vaccinations instead of the standard one
  • Enough of the premium grain free food they are eating to last them a couple of weeks
  • And for a significant cost (and emotional) savings for you-they will already be spayed or neutered-this can easily save you $150 or more depending on your vet plus you don't have to take the risk of the surgery or deal with the aftercare yourself

I feel my providing all this gets the kitten off to the best start possible in their new home.  Plus the kitten doesn't associate you with "bad" things such as shots and getting spayed/neutered as soon as you bring them home.  It makes settling into your new home much easier for them.  And it is that much less for you to think or worry about.  You simply have to bring your baby home and love him or her!


Kittens come with a state of florida health certificate, two sets of shots (minimum), health guarantee (much longer than most breeders give-see below), and have already been spayed or neutered (all reputable breeders require this but a lot of them will make you pay for it and it is usually quite expensive plus then you have to deal with the after care-keeping the kitten quiet and confined, not allowing them to jump, hoping they don't rip their stitches, get an infection, or get a hernia, and of course there is alway the slight risk they might not make it through the surgery).  All kittens are registered with one of the major cat associations-usually TICA and they can be registered with CFA.  Adults have also been tested for FIV/Felv and HCM.


Health: Kittens are guaranteed for five years for any genetic issues.  I do not know any breeder that offers any better guarantee on their kittens and most do not offer nearly this length of time.  And if they do it is only for one issue.  My guarantee is for anything hereditary that could go wrong.  I also even guarantee for FIP for the full five years which few breeders will do.  Also, keep in mind a guarantee is only as good as the breeder standing behind it.  Make sure whoever you choose as your breeder that you really spend a lot of time getting to know them and that you trust them completely.  You should have a relationship/friendship with this breeder for at least the next 15-20 years (the average length of life for your kitten). 


Declawing: All kittens come with a contract that you must sign saying that you will NOT get your kitten declawed.  This is a barbaric practice where they remove not just the kitten's nail but they cut through bone and remove a large part of the toe.  Ragdolls in particular are very large cats and they need their feet in tact to hold up all that weight and size.  They can have many problems as they get older because of declawing including arthritis, limping, and just generally being very quiet and not active because it hurts to walk.  And that is the best case scenario.


Often, their personalities also change.  Your sweet, friendly, lovable Ragdoll may turn into a hissing, scared, hiding, biting, crying, limping, not using the litter box wreck.  If that is the kind of temperament you want then you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to get it.  You could just go rescue a kitten from the streets or a shelter.  


In fact, if you want a declawed cat then I suggest you go to a shelter and adopt one.  The shelters are FULL of declawed cats because of all the problems that come about BECAUSE of getting them declawed!  Just take a look at any shelter and I guarantee you will find tons of declawed cats to choose from.  Here is a good website about the declawing process.  www.declawing.com Also keep in mind all of my kittens and the adults are trained to use scratching posts.  I have actually never had anyone come back to me with any issues with scratching that had a cat tree and appropriate scratching surfaces available for their kitten when he/she came home. But, you do need to do your part which includes training them while they are young. 


However, worst case scenario there are other options instead of declawing including sticky tape that you can put on furniture/drapes/etc, Soft Paws nail caps which are little plastic caps that you glue on to their nails, and several other things I could tell you about if there is a problem.  But, as I said I have never had a problem with my kittens scratching because they are raised here for the first 12 weeks of their life and they learn what they can and cannot scratch.  You just have to keep up with the training when you take them home.


Going Home: Kittens may leave my home at about 12 weeks of age depending on the maturity of the kitten.  At this age the kittens will have 2 sets of shots and already be spayed or neutered.  And of course, they will have the typical friendly ragdoll nature and will be using the litterbox and scratching posts/cat tree.     


Show Quality: If you are interested in a show alter kitten please inquire and I will let you know when I have a suitable litter coming up.  Show alter kittens are $2500.  Also, there is a different class you can show in if you want to show but don't want to pay extra for a show quality kitten.  Feel free to ask me about this. If you do choose a show quality kitten, you will get a true show quality kitten from me.  Often breeders will sell a pet quality kitten as show quality when they are really not.  My show kittens are pretty close to perfect-any more perfect and I would keep them myself!  Part of the reason I charge more for show kittens than pet kittens is because of the time I will spend mentoring you and helping you get started showing. 


Breeding Quality:  I do sell kittens occasionally as breeding quality to registered, ethical catteries that practice early spay/neuter.  Prices vary depending on pedigree and quality but are generally around $3000+.  Contact me telling me a little about yourself, your home, family, other pets, what you are looking for, your current breeding situation, etc if you are interested in a breeding quality kitten.  I am also available for advice or as a mentor for anyone thinking about getting into breeding and/or showing.     


Waiting List: Once a litter is born I will first contact everyone that has a deposit on the litter already and will let them know how many kittens I have, what sex they are, and what patterns.  (It takes a few weeks to know color usually.)  Once those kittens are picked by the people with deposits (at around 8 weeks), I will place any available kittens on this site on the available page.  


If you are interested in a kitten on the available page, you can email me and I will tell you a little about the kitten and of course ask questions about you and your home to see if it would be a good match.  If it is, you would send in a $200 nonrefundable deposit to hold your kitten (or come meet the kitten and leave a deposit then if the kitten is old enough for visitors).  Then, I will send pictures of the kittens on a regular basis as they grow until they are old enough for you to come see them.  Visitors are not allowed until the kittens immune system is stronger and they have had their first vaccine-usually around 8 weeks. 


I could probably sell more kittens if I allowed people to come see them sooner but that is not what is best for the kittens and having healthy kittens is my number one priority.  After that time though, I do encourage people to visit as often as possible because it is good socialization for the kittens and helps them make the transition to your home easier if they have seen you a couple of times. 


Shipping: Because of the new USDA rule, I do not ship kittens cargo.  This new rule requires in part that I open my home up to various inspectors whenever they want to show up and give them complete access to my home.  While this doesn't sound like a bad thing at first, it means I would be required to be home 24/7.  Like most breeders, I work outside of the home.  Cat breeding doesn't pay enough to live off if you do it right. 


In addition, I don't allow anyone to see the kittens until they have had their first shots.  I am extremely careful with the health of my babies and would not dream of allowing some inspector who just came from another cattery that had God knows what into my home at all, much less to see the tiny babies that have basically no immune system yet. 


However, that being said, I live in central Florida (close to Tampa) and if you live out of state and want one of my kittens I would be willing to deliver the kitten(s) to you at the airport (Tampa or Orlando) if you come get the kitten yourself and it sits with you (in the cabin) on the way back home free of charge.  Depending on the flight you are able to get, this is often just as cheap as shipping for the kitten which is usually around $300 as opposed to the price for having the kitten fly in the cabin (usually $75).  


So, if you can get a good price on a flight it will cost you about the same as having the kitten shipped-and it will be so much easier on the kitten.  Plus you really should meet your kitten's breeder in person and spend some time with the kitten before taking them home, if at all possible.  Also, with some airlines if you are getting two kittens they can ride together in the same carrier under the seat and you don't have to pay anything extra.  So, it may be worth getting a second kitten then if you are thinking that may be in the cards in the future. 


Finally, if you are not able to come get your kitten via car or plane, then I may be able to deliver the kitten to you via plane for a small fee (plus the cost of flight).  If you are going to be flying to get a kitten then I usually encourage people to get two kittens if they are thinking about it because the travel and transition is much easier on them if they have a sibling with them and shipping is usually the same for two kittens as it is for one (because they would both ride in one carrier).  So, with that, the second kitten will be much less expensive than the first one when you factor in shipping costs.


Delivery: I can also deliver your kitten for a small fee to the surrounding area for those interested that may have a hard time driving.  The fee might vary a little but would generally be around $30 per hour.  So, if it takes me two hours to get to your home and then two hours back, the cost would be $120.  This might be negotiable depending on the circumstances so feel free to ask.  Sometimes I might be able to deliver a kitten when I am attending a cat show in the area anyway. 


And I do not charge anything for the time I spend with you and the kitten at your home.  I usually stay at least an hour (often longer) and try to help everyone adjust to each other (especially if there are other pets involved).  And the cost would be the same if you were getting one or two kittens.  


I will drive up to about 2 hours away and possibly more depending on the situation.  I also travel to cat shows  throughout Florida and go home to Mississippi to see family once or twice a year so I may be able to deliver your kitten to you along the way anywhere in Florida, or even parts of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana. 


The Future: I hope to build a relationship with everyone who adopts one of my kittens that will last a lifetime and I look forward to getting pictures, phone calls, Christmas cards and emails as the kitten grows for years down the road.  I am also happy to help with any training issues that might come up-although any serious issues would be very rare as Ragdolls are such great cats.