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The best way to contact me is via email.  I do work various hours and of course I am always busy with Ragdoll moms and babies.  So email is easier because I can email you whatever time of the day or night I am free-which would almost always be too late to call.  I usually get back to people very late in the evening. 
  Update 10/28/2021 Also, if you have emailed recently and not received a response, feel free to send me a text. I seem to be having some trouble getting some of my emails lately.
If you are having trouble emailing, you can call me but it may be a week or two before I can get back to you depending on what I have going on at the time (moms and babies have to come first of course!).  If I don't call you back within a week or so feel free to call again. 

Honestly, I usually don't have a chance to return calls for maybe a week or so and by then I sometimes forget that someone left a message a week or two ago.  This is another reason email is the best way to go.  Even if you want to speak to me on the phone it is best to email first and then we can arrange a good time to talk on the phone as opposed to playing phone tag.  352-406-9431 (cell)